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New York, NY, NEED HELP: Hi friends here.I like to help people.But this time,I got difficulty. I'm right now

Hi friends here.I like to help people.But this time,I got difficulty. I'm now in New York City,making my every effort,recovering from my depression,which was caused by a serious theft happened on me in 2014. I'm an educated young professional,who like to smile to people from my heart.

I'm still a positive guy.However,because of my depression,I usually feel tired in the day time,and I had no choice then,but stopped full-time working until now. I want to get back of my life with happiness,and I know I need some light work now at least,'cause I always love to work or help people through my great computer knowledge.

For my depression(not serious one,and I'm recovering),I still feel tired when thinking ideas or ways to help myself out. So I'm asking for any kind people to give me good ideas or a helping hand.

It's late at night here in New York City.I hope tomorrow will be a better day.I'm on my way of recovering.Hope someone can make me stronger,to find my good life with happiness back.

This is my first time to use aidpage,and I admire the very good idea,and design of this website.Thank you for all your kindness and help there!
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carol b  

Need assistance, help needed to keep up with Doctors appointments and attend Church Services: CAROL B

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This has been the worse day I have ever had

This is awful. I have just been scammed out of $200! In the past month I have been a victim of reveiving not one or two but three fraudulent checks. and now, my money has been taken by someone claiming to be a loan provider. So now I'm broke and its no where near payday. Not to mention I am only scheduled to work 8 hours this week. How am I supposed to take care of my children with that kind of schedule. If this goes on much longer I don't know what I will do.
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no gas for the winter

hi i live in irving and am disabled and have no gas for the winter if any one can help me id really appreciate it
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miss sweetz  

A mother and Baby needs their belongings more then ever they need help paying for their storage bill or the baby will lose her birth papers pictures ext.

My baby and I have been homeless since febuary and I placed our belonging into storage everything we needed is in my storage I lost my job I am taking care of my baby from jumping from house to house but now I have a house that some one placed my baby and I in to stay and live but we can't keep sleeping on the floors in this house our storage has very important stuff of ours and we need help paying for our storage they said if I could have all the money by 7/7/11 they will not put our things for auction please help us.
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Need Immediate Help with bills.

Need assistance with bills which includes utilities(Attempt to get assistance from Social Service Agencies but was denied because have housing assistance but if I get my utilities turned off I would immediately lose my housing), public storage(vital paperwork that was packed unintentionally), washer/dryer fixed (have not washed clothes for a month because cannot afford to wash clothes), unemployment denied me because not on job long enough.

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mazda   in reply to SysBot   on

Aidpage group discussing "Need assistance"...

hi i am a 21 year old female that was recently going to school full time, working partime, doing well. but since then my car broke down on me on the way to work. i have been making payments until recently when my hours were decreased at my job. i have been catching rides to work. practically having to beg people. i have my rent and other utilitiesalso, but i cant seem to make it. i recently found out that my motor has gone in my car. now i cannot go back and finish school i have no way to get there. getting to work was easier because most of the people i know work there. but noone wants to help me get to school. my mom is a single parent we have one car among us. she works so its hard. if anyone can help me find a way to get money to help get my car fixed so i can continue my education please,please help me. thanks for listening and god bless u all.

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About rainyjeans

I live in the beautiful state of virginia. ha ha!! My fiance and I came to this state  looking for happiness and when he got a job here and we relocated here everything was great, but shortly after he got his job here, he started being harrased by his female white superviser. He was told by his peers he was doing a good job, but according to his superviser he was not meeting the expectations of the job, she placed him on a second 90 days of probation. you guessed it, just before his second probation was up she fired him, evan though there was a job out of her department that he was qualified to do. Oh did i mention my fiance is african american.  

I am disabled and my fiance is having alot of trouble finding a job since this employer decided she controls the destiny of a family. We are now 200.00 behind in rent. the electric is late and we have no extra cash. we have went through every charity, organization, assistance programs out there just to hear no. I would like them to tell our 15 year old and our four year old that we will have no place to live in another 3 weeks if someting doesn't change soon. Is there anyone who can steer us in the right direction? I have never been late paying any of my bills. don't know how much more i can take. 

thank you

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About Lonely2

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About Kryssy

I'm a 24 year old newly single mom who just fleed from a domestic violent relationship that I just couldn't take anymore. It was more verbal than physical, but I am really broken because of it. I have to be strong for the baby, but I am hurting bad. I was a stay at home mom so I have absolutely nothing to help me get on my feet. And he knows this. I came back to Florida because it, but I am sleeping on a tile floor with a couple pillows and a blanket at my moms project home. I'm not suppose to be here because she is on a government housing program. So, I could be on the streets at any given moment. On top of that she is a major drug addict and I really don't wana be here. I'm getting assistance with food so that's a blessing. I'm trying real hard to get on my feet so this could turn out to be a success story. I went to school for dental assisting so hopefully I find a good job with that soon. I'll be praying for me and my baby if no one else does.

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About DepressedN'dizzy

I never thought I would be in this position.

I am on Social Security disability.  I lost the private disability income that was 75% of my income.  My physical condition has become worse.

Yesterday, I used the last of my savings to pay for the past due on my Medicare  suppliment  health insurance.

I have been without running water in the house because there is a leaking pipe in a wall and I couldn't pay my water bill.  The neighbor who mowed my lawn moved  and I just can't afford anyone to help me.  Tree limbs are down and one is leaning on my roof.  Other minor repaies are just not getting done.

I've been in bankrupcy since last July.  I have to make that payment or I'll lose the house.

And the kicker is that my "income"  ms $200 over eligability limits.  When I bought my house about 7 years ago, my mortgage payment was equal to what I was paying for rent.  My supplimental insurance payment is almost equal to my mortgage payment.


I used to  be a giver, and that is the hardest part.  I can't do that any more.  

Any resource information or some angel who can help, please post.

I live in Osage County Oklahoma. 





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need help paying bills

hi i am a mother of three me and my fiance are trying to make it in this world he has a full time job getting paid min. wage and i am a stay at home mom and i am working on my nuring assistant degree but i am waiting to see if wia will help me pay for that we have 3 kids and its like every time i turn around i am getting disconnected on one of my bills i am trying to get help from people but no one will return my calls and i wake up at 5 in the morning to go wait in a line to get help with heat and i am too late because they only take 20 people, and i try to make an appointment and its a 3 month wait its like you cant catch a break in this economy now and i just need a direction i can go towards my dp&l is getting shut off on the 6th and my vectren is getting shut off on the 14th i just want my family to be ok and have a roof over our heads and not ever be seperated. so if someone has any information on someone that can help my family please help me out my e-mail address is thank you so much for taking the time to read this.

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Stuck in a motel, no place to go, running out of money, collect food stamps and SSD........

What do I do?? How can I get help and my credit is bad? I am really close to becoming homeless.  I collect SSD and I need an apartment, the trouble is I can't afford to pay the security/deposit due to the fact that I'm staying in a hotel. I'm in Miami, and I'm desperate!! I'm so afraid of being so close to living on the streets.   Anyone has any advice or information?  Please help!! 
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About marshallb

I am part of a family of three that is in need of assistance to keep us afloat until we find employment. I have a daughter who is six and is in need of neccessities that we cannot afford. We are currently about three months behind on our bills and are praying for help in any form. No, our story is no different from hundreds of others in the same situation and I pray that things get better for all who are struggling.
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So many families are in need this year. I thought I would never see myself in this position,but I trust and believe that help is on the way. And remember to be thankful and to give thanks.Pray without ceasing.I use to think how can a grandparent let her granchildren go into the foster system and then become foster parent of their own blood with no legal rights .After reading some articles on the kinship sight I now see why.This way they can get an income  so they can feed and clothe their grandchildren. A lot of these grandparents are quite elderly and are surely on fixed incomes.I was selfish,and apologize and hope and pray that each one of you will recieve some type of assistance that will be very beneficial to you,wether you are a grandparent or single parent or just someone in need of assistance. Mable

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About mable

I am in need of transportation. Last year in April , I lost my daughter unexpectedly. She had 4 daughters that now live with me , there is no child support and no social security benefits available . I am unenployed at this time and recently my only means of transportation a 1997 van is no longer running , the motor is no good. It is really tough raising 4 grandaughters with me myself still having a child at home and two sons in college. We are broke . We love going to church and participating in after school events , but with no transportation we are stuck.I can not visit my sons in college nor visit my elderly parents or take the children on appointments .I drop off one of my grandchildren at school every day and pick her up because of a friends help at this time she can still get to school, but I don't know how long this will last as they do also have other obligations. I hope that there is someone out there who is willing to donate a vehicle to me and my family , I'm sure they will be truly blessed over and over again . Sincerely

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Lisa Logan  

About Lisa Logan

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About princess79

I am a single lady, i go to college and lost my job several months ago. My rent is behind 2 months. I have no money, and im about to loose my apt. I really need help! I am so worried cause i have no place to go. I have sold many of my things and i dont want to loose everything. I have several interviews this week. I really need help! If you could help i would really appreciate it. I will even try to pay the money back, asap. Thanks and God Bless!

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About ernestine1

Hello, I'm about to be homeless if I don't pay my rent for November. I have a daughter who is about to come home from college for the holidays and I don't want her to worry about not having a place to stay. I'm recieving unemployment but that money also help pay the phone and light bill . I have no transportation to go out to work. I work from home befor and looking for at home employment every day on the computer. I've contacted every lead I was given to assist me with my rent. The answer is "no not at this time". I'm so worried and can't seem to sleep at night. I'm willing to go back to school to help me get a better job but still I need a place to live while I'm doing that. I would appreciat any advice or help that anyone want to give. Thanks so much.

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Please assist me

I have recently placed a posting asking for assistance. I have not recieved feed back from it. However I hope that there are serious invectors reading these postings. I am a business man living and working in China. I am witnessing the extreme growth China is displaying and have many investment and business ideas I would like to share with someone who has the power or influence to make some of these come to reality. If there is anyone out there that can point me in the right direction I am confident you will be reading about my success in the future.

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